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Suriya and His Agaram Foundation

Written By Jhoni Saprol on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 | 10:05 PM

As a public figures, celebrities are also seen as role models by the society, thus they need to set a good example with their activities. Many famous stars worldwide involved in social activity, such as South Indian actor Surya. This Tamil Nadu born, who's married to actress Jyothika, is the founder of Agaram organization.

Agaram Foundation is an organization that working towards helping the under-privileged in attaining their right to knowledge and quality education, and especially help children who drop out of school early in Tamil Nadu. Surya, also known as Suriya, began this Agaram Foundation in 2008, with the firm belief that the educated mind can not only eliminate social evils but also aid in the socio-economic upbringing of society.

With their philanthropic activities, Suriya and his wife Jyothika can make a different to the society. This story is probably a little outside this blog's theme, but I always believe that to make someone else life better is a way to have fun and enjoy your own life!