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So Everyone Likes This Hat?

Written By Jhoni Saprol on Friday, August 5, 2011 | 10:40 AM

photo-34.jpeg (500×500)
I mean its cool and all. But at the same time its just a Chanel Logo in acrylic on a hat. It does look cool but.... I feel like people are going crazy about it JUST because it has that logo on it. Where there are three other hats I have made already and they are a completely original design. Not that people don't like those, but I just see it as a little weird. Shows me really how powerful a brand name can become where a logo alone can make people like something even more. Makes me want to keep pushing to get my logo and brand name up there, where people want to buy it not only on design but just because it has a logo on it. That would be the swag. Although it doesnt mean I would compromise the level of designs I would be putting out. Just a thought.