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Old Vs. New

Written By Jhoni Saprol on Thursday, July 21, 2011 | 8:16 AM

Looking back at my old style compared to my style now..... I don't know which is better.... or if much has changed at all. Like I don't wear blazers as much... I don't ever wear bowties.... And I dress a bit sportier. Take a Look


I feel like.... I have more confidence in what I wear.... After looking at all these pictures I feel like I really found my style and have more fun now. It was more of an adventure and a test back then.... and now its more of a, aw yeah I can wear this and this and no I know I can't pull this off, but I deff can with this! So, in conclusion.... I dress better now, I look less awkward and understand clothing and style and myself better. Thoughts?