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Margiela Heel Look Alikes!

Written By Jhoni Saprol on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | 7:32 AM

storyoffame:Isabel Marantfeet are small
why do they look so small tho
Ok! These! Are NOT Margielas! The name completely slip my mind.... But I've been seeing them on a lot of people in the Meat Packing district. They look REALLY nice on. And I KINDA want a pair... I know they have a heel and theyre for ladies but bro, theyre so nice bro. I mean shoot I already have a pair of wedged sneakers might as well add another! Right? lol Plus it sucks being short :((((

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These are the bad boys I have that I was talking about btw. My Hood By Air Air Force One Wedges. Too swaggerful bruh.